Staircase Safety

As parents, our top priority is to keep our children safe at all times. Toddlers, with their boundless curiosity and eagerness to explore, often find staircases particularly intriguing. However, stairs pose a frequent risk of injury for young children, with an alarming rate of incidents. On average, a child under the age of 5 is attended to for a stair-related injury in a U.S. emergency department every 6 minutes. 

The stairs – the gateway to new heights, but also the source of potential accidents, especially in households with children or even elderly family members. Fear not, for we’re here to guide you through the world of staircase safety, providing you with the know-how to protect your loved ones and create a secure environment in your home.

Safety Gates: Your First Line of Defense

When it comes to childproofing your stairs, safety gates are your go-to solution. These gates act as barriers, preventing curious toddlers from venturing up or down the stairs unsupervised. Ensure that you purchase a sturdy, hardware-mounted gate for the top of the stairs and a pressure-mounted gate for the bottom. Hardware-mounted gates are more secure, as they are firmly anchored to the wall or banister, whereas pressure-mounted gates are great for easy installation but best suited for low-risk areas.

Recommended Safety Gates

Best Choices for Hardware Mounted Safety Gates

Toddleroo by North States Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate 

retractable baby gateIts hardware-mounted design ensures superior stability and strength, making it suitable for top-of-stair and other high-traffic areas. The gate swings open in both directions, providing easy access for parents while preventing little ones from wandering into restricted areas. With an impressive width of 47.85 inches, this gate fits wide openings and is expandable with additional extensions. The durable steel construction, combined with a sleek white finish, blends seamlessly with your home decor.
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KidCo G2001 Safeway Top of Stairs Baby Gate

retractable baby gateCrafted from heavy-duty steel, this gate provides ultimate strength and durability to withstand even the most determined toddlers and pets. Its quick-release hardware allows easy gate removal when not needed. The directional swing-stop feature prevents the gate from swinging over stairs, ensuring maximum safety. The gate can be adjusted to fit openings from 24.75 to 43.5 inches wide, making it versatile for various spaces in your home. The attractive and neutral design complements any interior style while keeping your child safe and secure.
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Best Choices for Pressure Mounted Safety Gates

 Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate

retractable baby gateIts pressure-mounting system eliminates the need for drilling, making installation a breeze. The gate features a convenient walk-through design with a one-touch release safety lock, allowing adults to pass effortlessly while keeping children protected. With an adjustable width of 29 to 38.5 inches and an included 6-inch extension, this gate is versatile and suitable for various openings. Sturdy steel construction ensures durability, while the neutral white finish complements any home décor. There is also a 56” wide version.
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Safety 1st Easy Install Walk Thru Gate

retractable baby gateIt offers hassle-free installation with its innovative pressure fastening system. No tools or drilling are required, making it ideal for rental homes or temporary use. This gate features a unique red/green indicator, providing visual confirmation when the gate is securely locked in place, ensuring ultimate safety for your child. Its versatile design fits openings from 29 to 38 inches wide, and the gate swings open in both directions, granting easy access for adults while keeping little ones confined. The sturdy and durable construction, along with a sleek white finish, complements any home decor. There is also a 47” wide version.
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Best Choices for Retractable Baby Gate

Perma Child Safety Indoor/Outdoor 

retractable baby gateWith its unique retractable design, this gate seamlessly fits into doorways, hallways, and staircases without being an eyesore. The retractable baby gate extends up to 55 inches, providing wide coverage, and its one-handed operation allows for easy opening and closing. The durable mesh fabric ensures visibility while keeping your little ones safe from restricted areas. Its installation is hassle-free with included hardware and templates, making it an ideal choice for modern, stylish, and child-friendly homes.
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Momcozy Retractable Baby Gate

Reliable and space-saving safety solution for families with active toddlers or babies. Crafted with a sturdy and UV-resistant mesh, this gate is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with two sets of mounting brackets, allowing you to use the gate in multiple locations effortlessly. The easy-to-use lock mechanism ensures quick one-handed operation, providing parents with convenience while keeping children away from potential hazards. This retractable baby gate is a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and practicality, making it an excellent addition to any safety-conscious household.
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Best Choice for Budget Safety Gate

Evenflo Position & Lock Baby Gate

It is a stylish and functional addition to any home with stairs or doorways. Its pressure-mounting system ensures quick and tool-free installation, making it a versatile choice for various openings. The gate’s unique farmhouse design adds a touch of charm to your decor, blending seamlessly with your home’s interior. With an adjustable width of 26 to 42 inches, this gate fits a wide range of spaces. The two-way swinging door with a red/green indicator provides a user-friendly experience for adults while ensuring your little ones are safely confined. The sturdy wood construction and non-marring rubber bumpers not only deliver durability but also protect your walls and door frames.
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Banister and Balustrade Safety

The gaps between banisters, also known as balustrades, can be a potential hazard for adventurous children. To secure the gaps and prevent kids from slipping through, consider the following options:

Baluster cushions: Soft and cushy, these specially designed cushions fit over each baluster to reduce the risk of injury if a child bumps into them

Install a clear plastic shield or Plexiglass barrier

Kidkusion Clear  Indoor/Outdoor Banister Guard

This is a transparent and aesthetically pleasing solution that maintains the open feel of your staircase while ensuring safety.
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Use safety netting

Minne Baby Banister Guard Safety Net Mesh

Designed explicitly for banister safety, these nets can be easily installed to cover the spaces between the posts.
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Tackling the Treads and Risers

Stair treads and risers should provide adequate grip to prevent slips and falls. Consider the following tips to enhance their safety:

  • Add non-slip adhesive strips: These strips adhere to the edge of each tread, providing better traction and minimizing the risk of accidents.
  • Keep them clutter-free: Ensure that the stairs are always clear of any toys, shoes, or other objects that might cause someone to trip.

Proper Lighting: Shining a Light on Safety

Inadequate lighting on the stairs can make navigation tricky, leading to accidental falls. Here’s how to brighten up the situation:

  • Install motion-sensor lights: These nifty lights turn on automatically when someone approaches, illuminating the stairs and ensuring safe passage even in the dark.
  • Keep spare bulbs handy: Regularly check and replace any burnt-out bulbs to maintain a well-lit staircase.

Educating Family Members

Education is key when it comes to staircase safety. Teach your children the importance of using the handrail and taking one step at a time. For older family members, consider offering mobility aids like canes or walkers, and remind them to use the handrail as well.

Stepping Towards Safety

Prioritizing the safety of kids and children on staircases is of utmost importance to safeguard them from potential falls and injuries. Through the installation of safety gates, securing banisters, and implementing preventive measures, we establish a protective environment that enables them to confidently and securely navigate the stairs. Safety gates serve as a physical barrier, controlling access to the staircase when necessary, while secure banisters provide essential stability and support. Equally vital is educating children about proper stair usage and closely supervising them, especially during their early years. 



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